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As wives and mothers of young children in busy households, we appreciate how a well planned and organized space can improve the flow of your everyday life. Spending much more of our time at home like many families these days, we also know the importance of enjoying the space you inhabit. In our current and previous homes, we have always striven to marry functionality and aesthetics to create inviting atmospheres for ourselves, friends and family that also showcase our style and taste.



House to Home grew out of a desire to share our experience in home organization and planning with our community. Our mutual appreciation of orderly spaces and love of interior design led us to collaborate on how to create achievable, inviting spaces for others that reflect their personal styles and home needs. Through 15 home moves between the two of us, ranging from one bedroom apartments to family homes of new construction or nearing 100 years old, we can implement our experience in space planning and functional design to help you realize your home's potential. We look forward to meeting you and making your home goals happen!






I have always had a passion for planning and organization. I believe having your home organized well positively imprints onto all other aspects of your life. Living in the chaos of being a stay at home mom of two boys and my husband's demanding work schedule has made my family really appreciate my love for order, functionality, and intention in our home even more. My history as a detail-oriented event planner will show in my ability to listen carefully to what you as the client wants and tailor your project to your goals. I hope to make your experience with House to Home truly memorable.

Even as a young girl, I was constantly rearranging and re-ordering my room and collections. Now as a mom of three young kids, adapting our home to their changing needs brings me joy, but also a very needed sense of order. I believe your home should reflect your lifestyle and simplify your needs, while still highlighting your unique taste. My history in the boutique hospitality and retail industries focused on the importance of a customized experience for guests and clients, which I will use to ensure your vision for your home is clearly portrayed. I hope House to Home gives you the peace of mind an orderly and inviting space inspires.


"We loved working with House to Home! Both of us are normally very organized - but were at a loss when it came to making our nursery look put together and organizing all the baby stuff we had boxed up in the closet. Katrina and Erica were professional to work with and made the whole process a breeze. One of the best parts was not having to shop for anything - they did all the research and purchasing for us and returned what we didn't need! The nursery is SO cute and minimalistic - and the closet is the envy of many of our friends and family. Erica and Katrina also walked us through why they organized things the way they did - and made sure we were happy with the end product. 10/10 would recommend!"

- Robert and Brenda

"My garage used to give me major anxiety, but I would try to let it go since it was mainly my husband’s space, but once Erica and Katrina started this company, I knew exactly what space I needed help with the most. I am so very thankful for these two and their talents!! I thought everything was set up perfectly and very professional. I honestly do not have any complaints. They were very detailed on what would be done, organized during the sorting process, respectful of me and my home and communicated any questions or changes. I wanted structure and organization and that is exactly what they gave me. I was able to get rid and donate things I no longer needed which felt so great! I love my bins and labels! I was really excited about the labels!"


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